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Play-Life - PBT, founded in Tel Aviv in1991
We are a theatre group, improvising real life stories from members of the audience. The original group was founded in 1991 by Aviva Apel Rosenthal (IPTN president 2006-2012) and we are performing regularly since then.
Open public performances : 'Simta Theater' old Jaffa Tel Aviv.
Performances and Workshops for: Organizations, Government Institutions and Business Corporations (150 performances and workshops every year)
We work with victims of war and terrorist attacks, groups with special needs, managers and staff of co operations, ministry of defense, schools, hospital staff and more. 
We also perform at special social events, where we imbue important life milestones with both meaning and entertainment.
The Israeli PBT School in Tel-Aviv offers a full training program and special topics.
  For more details about Play-Life performances workshops and the school contact us:
Aviva Apel and Nurit Shoshan are the School leaders and teachers. Nurit is also the business manager of PlayLife, and the IPTN mem. sec. for the region.   
For more details about playback method and the founder Jonathan Fox contact:
For more details regarding Aviva's training in the world, workshops and supervisiom and for booking her, contact:  

For information about the Israeli PBT assosiation :


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