Mis'hak Me'hachaim' - 'Play Life' -
Playback Theater



Aviva Apel Rosenthal and the original group that came together in Tel Aviv in 1991 founded the first Playback Theater Company in Israel - Play-Life.


What is Playback Theatre?

In Playback Theater, audience members tell stories from their own lives and then watch as actors bring them to life on the spot. Any experience can become a Playback story, funny or sad, new or from the past. Together, audience and performers - create theater about the lives of people in the space.  


Building community through personal stories

Playback Theatre creates a ritual space where any story might be told and made into theatre. Where each person's uniqueness is honored and affirmed while at the same time building and strengthening our connections to each other as a community of people.


About our company: We are a professional theatre group, improvising real life stories from members of the audience. We present performances and workshops on a great variety of subjects for many different communities and entities. We may serve as an artistic interactive form for conflict resolution, to create social change, and to improve intercultural dialogue, or to celebrate special events. Organizations and corporations hire us to open lines of communication, to help them adapt to change, to improve concerns and to create a sense of community.


Where and when - Play-Life, performances take place in Tel Aviv (Simta Theater) and all around Israel. We perform in public theaters, community centers, conferences, institutions, schools, hospitals, and business corporations.

We work with survivors, bereaved families, prisoners, groups with special needs and post-traumatic stress, managers and staff members of corporations and military service, hospital teams, schools, banks, and government departments, including the Ministry of Defense, Education, Health, and Social Affairs.   

We also perform at life celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or Bar/Bat- Mitzvahs, where we combine important family milestones with both meaning and entertainment.


School and PB training - The Israeli PB School (CPT) in Tel-Aviv offers basic, advanced and special topics PB training and workshops.We typically perform and teach in Hebrew, but if asked can do English as well.


About us - We are a group of theater actors, presentors, and musicians (with therapeutic and social training), that has been performing together for many years. We share deep professional experience and friendship, keeping high standards of artistic tools, humanistic values, group ethics, and personal integrity. 


The original Group members include Aviva Apel, Hillel Shimon, Nurit Shoshan, Shosha Kestenberg, Shirlee Legum, Rina Lavi, Eran Yackoby, Orit Margalit and Roni Halperin. The musicians are Noam Rapoport and Itay Oren. Most of the members are still performing with us!

We love Playback Theater; it is our mission, passion and work.

If you want to know more about us or to invite us for a performance or workshop, contact our office manager Orit Kakon at - office@playback1.co.il

Or visit our web: www.playback1.co.il





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'משחק מהחיים' תיאטרון פלייבק הראשון בישראל מאז 1991, בניהולה של אביבה אפל וצוות השחקנים המקורי ואחרים, שהצטרפו במהלך השנים!


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